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Please submit your prayer request in the form below. If you have trouble submitting the form below, please send it in an email to wefcofficevalpo@gmail, thank you.

Prayer Post Guidelines:

  1. Speak for yourself.
  2. As you share personal information, please consider if it is suitable for public knowledge
  3. Respect the privacy of others. When posting a request on behalf of another person:
    • Ask permission from the person before posting when possible
    • Maintain confidentiality. Only include information the person is comfortable communicating publicly.
    • Ask yourself, “How would I feel about others knowing the information included if I were the one being prayed for?”
  4. Remember, God knows our situations and our needs. He can be trusted to provide for us (see Matthew 6:25-34). The purpose of the Prayer Wall is not to broadcast the details of our situations but to invite others to join us in asking God to make known to us His presence and provision.
  5. Don’t use the Prayer Wall for solicitation purposes.
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